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 September 24, 2015

AMAZON.COM - Citgo Lake Charles Refinery: In the Eye of the Forgotten Storm; Our Story of Hurricane Rita,

10th Anniversary Paperback. It was an honored to have photographs I took during the storm included in this great

book. May God continued to bless Southwest Louisiana. - Tommy R. Malmay, Jr.


        Malmay Product Catalog - Edition 2.4

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Isaiah 910's New York Debut - April 6-10, 2015. - Completed

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           Sand Springs, Oklahoma Tornado - Click here

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           2014 Columbia, MS Tornado

A tornado visited upon Columbia, MS on December 23, 2014. There was loss of life and heavy damage to the town. In the aftermath of the storm

Isaiah 9:10 became our mantra. I met the recovery team at Woodlawn Church the day after Christmas. When I left Columbia that day to drive back to

West Monroe I thought to myself I had just seen the last true pioneers. The only difference is they had smartphones and tablets - Tom Malmay

Isaiah 9:10 - The bricks are fallen down, but we will build with hewn stones: the sycomores are cut down, but we will change them into cedars.

Intelligent Web Maps - Columbia, MS Tornado Dec. 23, 2014 - Click here


VOX - What Instagram tells us about the Hong Kong protests, in one map - Full Article - Click here

The fantastic map of Instagrams during the Hong Kong protests is fascinating in its own right: it's a really clear way of showing both the movement's human heart and its scope. But it also makes an important point about the tactics of the protesters — specifically, one thing they're doing right that a lot of other demonstrators do wrong.

 Tom Malmay, who runs a disaster planning group in Louisiana, used software from Geofeedia to map and timestamp Instagrams from the Hong Kong protests. The result is pretty amazing: a map that shows you when and where the photo was taken. If you scroll photos by time using the tool at the bottom, you basically get a historical on-the-ground tour through the protests:

Intelligent Web Maps - Hong Kong Protests Click here                                                                                       ​​                                                                            ​Kong5.jpg